Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing

What Is Local Search?

Local Search Marketing is the process of being found when a potential customer is searching on a product or service that you sell.  This search can be done from a computer, but more and more local searches are being made from smart phones (iPhones, Blackberry’s and Androids).

In the following example, a Google search was performed on the term “HVAC San Antonio”. Because the search contained the words “San Antonio”, Google considers the search to be for a local service and displays the map of it’s top 7 ranked HVAC companies.

HVAC San Antonio, TX

This new type of search result is completely different than the organic or natural search results we get when we search on a term.  Google uses a completely different criteria to determine who gets placed on the map. In fact, it’s possible for businesses who do not even have a website to rank well in the map searches if local search optimization has been done properly.

When we begin optimizing your business’ placement on Google Maps, we look at a variety of factors.

  • Is your business listed in the Google’s Places database?
  • Is your business information accurate?
  • Does your business profile have the right content (coupons, pictures, other critical information)?
  • Does your business have citations from other respected sources?
  • Do those citations match up with Google’s information about your business?

By resolving these issues, your ranking on Google Maps soars.  Google is not the only local search provider you want to focus on, but it is the most important and the one you want to begin with.

Customer Reviews

One of the most profound changes that have been brought about by the Internet is the ability for a customer to share about their experiences with your business.  While you can’t stop people from saying bad things about your business, we can show you how to properly manage your reviews and ultimately shape their overall impact on prospective customers.  We do this through several different strategies, which in the end make your business look better because they reflect your overall attitude about customers service.

In fact, not all bad reviews are bad.  If handled properly, a bad review can be an opportunity to gain back a customer, or at worst show others that you are concerned about the reviewers complaint and eager to resolve the problem.  It actually makes your good reviews look better when a potential customer can see how you handle valid complaints.

We can work with your staff on how to properly manage these issues and how to maximize the impact reviews can have for your business.