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Police Crash Reports Online

When we started building the TRACView system, we had no idea it would become the leader in the industry for online Police accident report delivery.  Today the company manages reports for over 450 law enforcement agencies across the United States.  Using a secure user environment along with powerful document storage and retrieval technology, the TRACView system has scaled well to meet the demands of over 3,500 users.  To date, over $5.7 million dollars worth of transactions have been processed.

Today, enjoys a Google Page Rank (PR) of 5 and has handled as many as 25,000 to 30,000 visitors a month.  We feel TRACView’s success has been, in large part, due to it’s ColdFusion core and an intuitive user interface.  Many of our users comment on how they prefer to use the system we designed verses that of our competitors.

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